Behavior Consultations

We are proud to have one of the only two certified dog behavior consultants in the Florida Panhandle. Debbie Revell R.N. CDBC, ACCBC specializes in preventing, managing, and modifying challenging behaviors such as reactivity, aggression, fears and phobias, destruction, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and more.

Debbie will help you identify behavior problems and develop effective and kind solutions that work for you and your pet’s unique relationship and lifestyle. In addition, she will coordinate with your veterinarian to ensure all your dog’s behavioral needs are being met by your entire pet care team.

Held at Pets Behave training facility or online session. Your initial consultation will be about 1.5 – 2 hours. Behavior Consultations are $245. Any additional sessions are $110 per hour. Includes:

  • Initial behavior consultation/assessment
  • Folder & review of handouts
  • Demonstrations of exercises
  • Recommendations of equipment
  • Modification plan development
  • Priority booking for follow-up sessions 

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.